Wrap Up :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Wraps Up Year With Retrospective

Thank you to everyone for following and reading the blog.  2021 has seen a lot of growth.  Above (click the image) is a playlist containing all of the artists I’ve posted about this year (Spotify access withstanding).  Enjoy!

I will be taking the remainder of the year off from the blog.  I intend to return with 3-5 posts a week, and while historically the content has been regulated to Texas artists, friends and friends of friends, based on a recent uptick in submissions, I will be taking the time off to consider the future of the blog.  Currently I am trying to determine if spreading the scope is something that I can accept and maintain, as many of the submissions come from outside of my current sphere.  As someone who never intended for the blog aspect of my website to become the primary creative content I am known for, I have a lot to reflect on.

I hope to see all of you again in January 2022.  Take care of yourselves, peace and love to you all.



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