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Holy Moments :: Taylor & Beth Release ‘Church Of The Neon God’ Single


My friend Beth Conboy has been talented for ages, but over the past year or two, her journey to the Berkley College of Music has resulted in creative growth and focus that has truly enhanced her natural talent.  While on a recent visit back to TexasBeth jumped in the studio with her frequent collaborator Taylor Robbins, and the duo (collectively known as Taylor & Beth) hammered out some new music.  The first single, Church of the Neon God, is a vibrant tune about exploration, trust, faith and discovery, told in the form of a story experienced by two youngsters that stumble upon a dilapidated building in the middle of the forest.  The track is simple but powerful, similar to the folk music of the 1960s, but with the sense of humor and observation found in modern day writing.  Check out the track, donate a buck or two if you can, and share it around for everyone to enjoy!


The Locksmiths – Subterranea *Official Video*

From the Facebook desk of Anthony Maintain:

Hello friends,

So…. I spontaneously burst into video production mode yesterday and made this weird video for a song that Cozmos and I did on The Locksmiths last release.

As strange as it is, I am very proud of the video and would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to check it out. If you feel inclined, please share it on your wall.

Either way, thanks for your time!