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Calm Maturation :: Branden Rex Drops ‘B&W Hipster’


From the digital desk of Branden Rex :

‘Originally from Milwaukee, WI Branden Rex moved to Austin, TX to pursue his musical career 7 years ago.  While in the past 3 he has rerouted himself into the direction of fashion and business after co-founding an art/music company, Calm Child Lifestyles, the last year of his life has been spent producing his next endeavor.  A music/visual project entitled B&W Hipster has been the result.  With an array of audio tracks accompanied by cinematic visuals, Rex has mastered a way to brighten up the inevitably dark reality of his world.  Not only has he given you something to listen to and see, but you’ve been given something to feel.’

I am looking forward to more of the visuals for sure, as 50¢ Wings was a top notch music video in a year full of stellar Austin-based music videos.  Show some support, share, like the work, and stay tuned for more.


Fever Dreaming :: Branden Rex’s ’50¢ Wings’ Visual Amazes

For the past few months, Branden Rex has been concocting a new project.. audio elements, video elements, and so on.  For a while, he went crowdfunding in an attempt to get the final product to match the quality of his vision.  Unfortunately, the crowdfunding did not pan out and meet the initial expectations, but if 50¢ Wings is any indication of what the big picture will turn out to be, maybe that last step is not needed.  This video is a true piece of artwork.. wonderfully engaging premise, on point production and lyricism, breathtaking choreography and standout cinematography/editing make this visual an instant classic.  This one should be automatic share, like and subscribe bait, but in case you need a reminder, don’t forget to do so.


Words Of Wisdom :: “On Everything” by Park N Murray

This morning, I woke up to several captivating post on my Facebook network.  One of my favorites of the day came from the homeboy Branden Michael Rex, Park N Murray member and Calm Child representer.  Not only are the beats and rhymes on point in the song “On Everything”, the video contains some candid moments full of wisdom.  Enjoy!