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Son Rising :: Virgil Wolfe Releases ‘I Can See The Day’ Single


While getting to know Virgil Wolfe both personally and as an artist, there is one aspect to him that I completely respect and enjoy : he understands the value of getting the most out of each day.  His newest single, aptly titled I Can See The Day, is a celebration of waking up with a plan on your mind and a vision of what the day will present.  The production is handled by Calamity, and it has the vibe of waking up with energy and motivation.  This one is a perfect way to start off your day and your week.


Insomniac’s Night :: Virgil Wolfe Releases ‘Before The World Wakes Up’


Not many MCs straddle the line between confidence and humility better than Virgil Wolfe.  The Baytown resident is known for dropping extremely thought provoking, and sometimes coded, lyrics in a manner so laid back that much of the information may be missed through the first listen or two.  Before The World Wakes Up is a project that revels in that realm.  A unifying double-theme of putting in work while everyone is sleeping and being ‘woke’ in the midst of the oblivious is executed masterfully.  Production duties were handled mostly by Calamity, with Virgil Wolfe handling the beatsmithing on Donahue.  This one is definitely dope, and perfectly placed in terms of release date to make me rethink my whole Best of 2017 standings for the homies.