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Summertime Rolls :: Tone Of The Cosmos Lightens The Mood On ‘Nasty Summer Vol. 2’


From the digital desk of Tone of the Cosmos :

‘Been a minute since I felt like plopping this one.  I was all prepped to do this in 2018 but had some emo issues of my own flare up.  In the heat of the 2020 Texas Summer, and Coronavirus election year shenanigans I bring you this…something to make it simultaneously worse and better (haha).  A continuation of the first volume, maybe trading some tender love for some of the other themes, a mixtape nonetheless.  There is still Summer left.  Ride with me.’



Soul Dedication :: Bjorn Vader Honors John Prine With ‘Prine Time’


With COVID-19 and Coronavirus racking up astonishing, mind-numbing and tragic numbers, news pours in of those who have passed away, and if death is nothing else, it is fair in who it chooses, despite fame or fortune.  In early April, the legendary singer/songwriter John Prine became one of those whose life was lost to the disease, causing a wave in the sea of grief among those who treasured his guitar playing and observant, poetic nature.  Producer Bjorn Vader, a fan of a wide span of musical genres, decided that an ode to Prine was necessary, and thus Prine Time was born.  The somber tune is built around guitar samples from Prine‘s Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, which makes the tune as beautiful as it is bittersweet.  Check it out, share it around for others to do the same, and take care of yourselves.


Cyber Sessions :: Blackillac’s ‘Live AF Stream’

As the United States and most of the world continues to practice social distancing in hopes of flattening the Coronavirus curve, many of us are holding hopes that the live entertainment industry can survive in some sort of version that resembles what it used to be.  In the meantime, legions of artists have taken to streaming live performances in order to fill in the boredom void inevitably created by the stay-at-home measures.  One of the many artists who put out streams early was Blackillac, and recently they uploaded one of these shows to YouTube in its entirety.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around to help keep everyone entertained.


Relief Efforts :: Bandcamp Waives Payout Fees For Friday, March 20th


As a recent featured artist of the month, I already deeply appreciate Bandcamp and all that it does for independent musicians.  In light of the recent COVID-19 Pandemic scares and the subsequent social distancing, many musicians (independent or otherwise) are feeling the sting of financial uncertainty.  In an effort to do what they can, Bandcamp has made the decision to waive all payout fees for money that artists earn on sells for the duration of Friday, March 20th.  Many of us are feeling the same strain, but if you can, I urge you to support your favorite artist(s) by purchasing an album or two.  In the case of Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice music, I urge you to get music whether you opt to purchase or not, as my music was always meant to have a therapeutic element to it.  For your convenience, I am providing album links below :