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Moving Melodies :: Croom Connects With Allanah Maarteen For ‘Onyx Eyes’


Adrian Croom (professionally known as Croom) has all the potential in the world to be a breakout producer.  Again and again, he releases electronic-‘pop’ music with weight, dynamics and soul, seemingly almost effortlessly.  His latest release is a collaboration with vocalist Allanah Maarteen titled Onyx Eyes, a hypnotic tune with a momentum-gaining track that sets up Maarteen to explore her feelings on connection.  I believe that Croom has a full-length project on deck, and I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open, because I can only imagine what a collection of songs sounds like when Croom is in charge.


Affirmation Rock :: Croom And Amakiya Bless Us With ‘Stardust’


With each new single that Croom and Amakiya release from this new project, it is becoming more and more apparent that they could easily be a force to be reckoned with in 2019.  If Human Too was a warning shot, then Stardust is a full-fledged dreampop assault on your ears and mind.  If this song doesn’t leave you feeling uplifted, I doubt any song will.  Spread this good word around your social media sites, drop Croom a comment so he knows he did good, and follow the appropriate folks so you’ll be in the loop when the full-length drops.


Love Streams :: Croom And Amakiya Combine Forces For ‘Human Too’


Croom doesn’t seem to just limit himself to ‘music’.  It seems that, when he gets his gear going, you find yourself enveloped in soundscapes that evoke emotion as much as they stimulate the ear.  Croom has been putting in hard work for his upcoming release Belladonna, and part of that work has included collaboration with vocalist Amakiya, a veteran of several successful Austin-based projects.  Human Too, the lead single off of Belladonna, is a great showcase of the way the pair gels, with Croom building up a luscious platform for Amakiya to exercise beautiful minimalism upon.  If this song is any indication of their further collaboration, or the album as a whole, I believe we’ve already got a strong contender for a spot on the 2019 lists on deck.