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Soul Searching :: Spy Coastal Drops New Video For ‘Ceiling Fan’

Spy Coastal popped up on my radar a few months back, and I’ve definitely been anticipating more from them.  Lately, they collaborated with Kamaryn Troung, Sail Club Co to creative visuals for the methodically soulful and introspective song Ceiling Fan, and the end results are high quality.  As the duo showcases their style and swagger over a series of aged visual vignettes, Dama Nilz drops cryptic observations on those doing their best to achieve the uphill battle that is making enough to survive (let alone thrive) on top of Dat Boy Craig‘s bluesy beat, with DJ Brown 13 adding the perfect touch of scratches to put the hip-hop cherry on top.  This is definitely worth checking out and spreading around, so make sure to do so!



Pack Light :: Spy Coastal Talks Letting Go With ‘I Gotcha’ Video

‘When you meet someone new and fly but they got way too much baggage with them’ truly sums up the vibe being laid down by dynamic duo Spy Coastal in the insanely catchy i Gotcha.  The Austin-based duo, consisting of Dat Boy Craig and Dama Nilz (who respectively originate from opposite coasts), come together perfectly to explore the concept of asking someone you connect with to fill the shoes of someone from your past.  The wonderful thing about that kinetic spark between you and someone new is the potential for discovery and exploration, and asking them to carry a burden you’ve become fixated on is not a fair action.  The Dama Nilz produced beat… the way each members’ singing abilities and bars dance around one another… this track definitely deserves all of the shine.  Like it, share it, comment on the work Kamaryn did for the video, and talk this one up!