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Data Blend :: Chris Conde Drops ‘Conde Digital’ Visual

Hot off the heels of his FreeCember debut, Chris Conde has dropped a music video for Conde Digital, the title track off of the aforementioned Fake Four-released EP.  The video is a black and white, up front and personal collage of stock footage overlayed and juxtaposed against Conde performance footage.  The black and white aesthetic gives the whole thing a David Lynch-style feel, and thanks to the self-direction of Chris Conde and the editing of Scott Newman, the frentic call to action about finding personal freedom leaves images burned onto the brain.  Definitely a strong video to represent a strong project, so leave it a like and a comment, give it a share, and keep supporting indie creators!



Twisted Beauty :: Furly Travis Creates ‘The Failed Artist’

San Marcos icon Furly Travis has always been a creative spirit.  His music pushes all kinds of creative boundaries, his painting style has a deceptive depth to it that is not always obvious upon first viewing, and there has always been an experimental film director budding within him.  Recent creative stints with indie director Jeffrey Garcia seemed to have stoked those flames within Furly, and The Failed Artist is the first of many flames to catch fire.  The short film is a David Lynch-esque view into the search for inspiration, and even with its amplified narrative, them film is very easy to relate to on a gut level.  If this is the first of what are hopefully many creative endeavors, I am curious as to what the future holds in store.