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Fair Times :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops Visual For ‘Bee Drowns In The Honey’

What do you do when you’re schedule to play the silent disco at Hill Country Fair VI, but you don’t want to wait until midnight to go out to the festival?  If you’re Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, you drag some camera equipment out with you and go impromptu style on collecting moments.  Then you montage those moments over Bee Drowns In The Honey, your favorite song off of your latest release, Day For Night.  Then you share it with the world.  Enjoy!


Inner Visions :: ‘Day For Night’ By Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Now Available


It’s funny how creative drive and overall intention almost never seem to line up with one another.  In my mind, I was reaching the transition point for my Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice project… the original idea was to wrap up the collaborative projects I was working on with other producers, then make a shift towards more instrumental-based projects.  But earlier this year, I had a production session that resulted in the beats for the six songs that make up Day For Night, my latest EP release.  This batch was too inspirational to skip out on, and it turned out that I still had a few personal views and stories to share, as the lyrics came together relatively quickly as well.  For an unplanned project, I am very happy with how Day For Night turned out, and even happier to share it with the world.  Feel free to download it, donate a few bucks if you like, or go to your favorite streaming service to enjoy it… and definitely share it around so that others can do the same.


Buzz Words :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘Bee Drowns In The Honey’ In Anticipation Of ‘Day For Night’ Release


I’m getting extremely hype about releasing Day For Night, my latest EP in a long line of solo releases.  The original idea was to be dialing down the musical output at this time to make room for other creative outlets, but inspiration cannot be denied once it makes its presence known.  Bee Drowns In The Honey is the perfect example of this principle, as it was the cadence and verse-styling of Playboi Carti that inspired me to approach this beat with a different attitude and execution.  I’m very happy with this particular song, and the project as a whole, so definitely make sure to share this one around, and keep your eyes and ears open for more information in regards to the release of the full project.


Doomsday Desire :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Release ‘Carte Blance DuBois’ Single


You already know what it is… Day For Night is right around the corner, so naturally we’ve got to release a single or two from the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice camp.  First up is Carte Blanche DuBois, a statement about keeping your integrity in check and forward moving in a time when all but integrity seems to matter.  This track, like the rest of the EP, is self-produced, and I even decided to dust off the turntables for the hook.  I’m very excited about the project, so stay tuned for a follow-up single in the next week or so, and the full EP in mid-October, more than likely.  Definitely share Carte Blance DuBois around, leave a like and a comment, and support your local creatives!