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Double Dosing :: OMNiii and Dusty Grin’s Masterpieces



In the wake of Return ProphetsSan Marcos hip hop crew Heroes was at a crossroads.  Members of the band were moving on to new cities, and the remaining members were facing a time in our country where only fools remained silent about what was going on.  Rather than try and make a salvaged version of Heroes, emcees OMNiii and Dusty Grin decided to take the double LP approach, and the genius My Laptop Weighs A Ton / Indingenius was born.  OMNiii spits fever pitch rhymes on hectically wonderful beats to illustrate the madness of our times, while Dusty Grin took the urban griot approach of a mercenary watching the madness from the fringe.  A beautiful accomplishment from one half of an incredibly dynamic crew.



Digital Resurrection :: ‘Return Prophets’ By Heroes Finds The Internet


The central Texas area has never been a stranger to massive amounts of talent, and that goes for all creative and expressive cultures.  Right smack in-between Austin and San Antonio lies the rapidly growing small town of San Marcos.  Back in the 2000s, there was a massive boom of talented rock, folk and hip-hop acts that hit the scene, and one of the premier acts was Heroes.  This hip-hop collective of OMNIIIDusty Grin and Tone of the Cosmos brought some of the most insightful and infectious tunes around.

Return Prophets was a love letter to that creative scene and moment in time.  With guest spots by songbird Sarah Lamb, hip-hop underground legend Josh Martinez, and members of The Word Association on multiple tracks, this album was a celebration.  Now, we celebrate it finding the digital light of day, forever stored online for future generations.