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Truths Revealed :: BLXPLTN Releases ‘Education Destruction’ Music Video

As referential as music can already be, both in terms of lyrical content and musical interpolation, a listener like me can find endless enjoyment in a song.  When a band can take that referential element to the next level by incorporating that aesthetic into their music videos in a nearly perfect context, that’s when things move to the next level.  BLXPLTN‘s latest video offering, Education Destruction, hits this on every level… the song draws the direct line between education, knowledge of self, personal empowerment and influencing the world around you… the video takes the They Live! approach by using the sunglasses metaphor as a reveal of what lies underneath what you’ve been spoonfed.  Another homerun for the hometown heroes, for sure.  Give this one a like, a comment and a share, and keep your eyes and ears open for a new BLXPLTN album on the horizon.