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New Life :: Chris Conde Releases ‘Mariposa’ Video

Despite the lasting effects of COVID-19 and its crippling impact on the live music industry, there are a handful of artists who have continued to persevere in spite of, and Chris Conde is a shining example of this steadfast dedication.  Over the majority of 2020, Conde found ways to stay in the public eye, be it video releases, live stream performances or acoustic performances.  As 2020 transitioned into 2021, Conde made the announcement that an album was coming on Fake Four, Inc. in the spring, and if the Lazerbeak-produced Mariposa is any indication of what’s to come, then hip-hop heads should prepare themselves for more of Conde‘s signature honesty and insight over some high energy production.  Definitely check out the video, run up the numbers and engagement stats, and support your local creatives.


New Normal :: BoomBaptist Finds Inspiration In Dark Times With ‘COVID The Earth’

As we hit the 2/3 range of one full year under the shadow of COVID-19, many of us are wondering if there will be a return to normality, and what that supposed new normal will look like.  Many creatives, like BoomBaptist for example, are working on trying to keep things as normal as possible by finding inspiration in the madness.  According to BoomBaptistCOVID The Earth is ‘a little surprise release comprised of songs inspired by this insane once in a lifetime experience we’ve all been facing through the pandemic.’  For those seeking some sort of sonic remedy to take their mind off of everything, I highly recommend this instrumental journey.  Check it out, cop it if you can afford to, and spread it around for others to experience.