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Stranger Things :: Jack Henry Releases Music Video For ‘Stranger’

After testing the waters a month or so ago with the release of the stranger single, Jack Henry is back at it with a wonderfully strange music video.  Directed by Izzy Gazette, the video is a fun romp through visual silliness, a stark contrast against the very solid sound Henry has created for his era-shifting single.  That being said, the video itself is a fun one, and certainly worth checking out, so give it a view, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around so that Jack Henry can become a household name.



Life Goals :: Jack Henry Releases ‘Stranger’ Single

Looking for a bit of modern singer/songwriter magic that sounds about 30 or so years out of place?  Maybe a little bit of an outsider anthem?  Look no further than Jack Henry‘s latest single, the soundtrack-worthy Stranger.  A celebration of personal fulfillment, anonymity, separation from the pack and a list of benchmarks never meant to be met, Stranger and its post-Punk, pre-New Wave feel hearkens to the days of The SmithsINXSModern Lovers and much much more.  Definitely do yourself a favor and search this one up on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront.