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Stepping Out :: Kady Rain Drops Self-Titled Debut LP


Keepsake Sounds :: Kady Rain Drops Digital Single And 7″ Vinyl For ‘You Got Me/Lovestruck’

Street Spirit :: Kady Rain Drops Rebel-Energy Filled ‘Got Away’ Video

Kady Rain just dropped a dope new video for Got Away, the lead single off of her upcoming debut album scheduled to drop in late January 2022.  Here’s the skinny from Kady herself on the production of the video : 

“The Got Away music video was directed by Jackie Purdue Scripps and filmed in a whirlwind 8 hour shoot in East Austin, Texas, with a diverse cast and crew local to Central Texas.  Some of it was shot with Super 8 film, contributing to the edgy old-school feel.  The video involved some of my close friends and super-fans, bringing every part of the Rainicorn community together to create some magical moments!”

Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around so everyone can see how Austin gets down!


Snuffing Gaslighters :: Kady Rain Cuts Deep With ‘Crooked’

A seemingly inevitable part of human interaction is toxicity… it is not present in all individuals you meet, but the capacity is there, and more than enough people in the world do not hesitate to show the worst of themselves, especially if it benefits them, and regardless of who may be impacted.  It’s clear that Kady Rain is aware of this fact also, as her latest single, the part-pop, part-industrial and highly danceable Crooked focuses squarely on these types of individuals.  Big props to Kady Rain and collaborator/bandmate Morgan Davis for penning such a powerful follow-up to the high energy lead single Got Away… go find this one on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, or even better, show some direct support by visiting the Bandcamp links above, but whatever you do, don’t sleep on this one.


Skating On :: Kady Rain Drops Hot New ‘Got Away’ Single

If I had to guess, I’d say that Kady Rain is familiar with the old adage “kill them with kindness” based on Got Away, her latest high energy single.  Over a very lively backing track, Kady Rain drenches some extremely pointed and aggressive lyrics in layers and layers of playful and boisterous delivery, making this song about regret and leaving toxicity deceptively layered and extremely catchy.  Hopefully this song gets the music video treatment, because catchy tunes like this totally deserve memorable visuals to accompany them.  Don’t sleep on this gem from Kady Rain… cop the track if you’ve got a couple of bucks, stream it on your favorite music service, and spread it around for everyone to enjoy!