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Words Felt :: The Artistic Poetry Of Kelsey Johnson And ‘The World As She Feels It’


It never ceases to amaze me how many truly talented people I encounter on a day to day basis.  The beauty of it is, most of these people are so humble that you’d never know the talent they possess unless a third party made you hip.  In my current circle of friends, I’ve gotten to know Kelsey Johnson pretty well, and one of my discoveries was her love for prose and her stylistic choice of using a typewriter to document this prose.  Recently, the folks at Sybil Journal allowed her the opportunity to present her work in the form of The world as she feels it.  The page is a great example of how she uses the typewriter more like a paintbrush than a word processor, allowing her feelings to take on a life of their own within the constraints of the page.  I’m always happy to see people get an opportunity to shine, and I recommend you spend some time checking out this heartfelt art.