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Slow Vibes :: Mélat Makes ‘No Promises’

When I first got hip to Mélat a few years ago, I was immediately impressed by her unique look, and the way it juxtaposed against her more traditional approach to R&B music. As the years have gone by, Mélat continues to impress, and recently, she snuck a new song and video out to the internet with me being somehow completely unaware of it. No Promises, a slow burn about the give and take of a relationship, as well as the process of learning when to take someone’s word in a completely literal or symbolic context, definitely leaves a mark long after it’s complete. The colorful video is a bonus, pulling the viewer/listener into Mélat‘s world. Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you dig, and share it around for others to do the same!


Deep Connection :: Mélat Releases Video For ‘Weak’

Austin‘s R&B scene has been growing the last few years, and a handful of the key artists have released enough music for personal growth to start showing.  Mélat has always been one to embrace her own style from day one (or at least from when I first found out about her), which is what makes Weak such an interesting song and video.  Director Sanetra Longno and cinematographer Peter Longno awash the video in mostly natural light, with Mélat‘s performance draped in heavily stylized purple lighting, and this juxtaposition matches the song perfectly.  Though a more traditional fare than what Mélat normally brings to the table, she still manages to make it unique to her by allowing her soulful and deeply personal approach shine through what is normally a standard structure.  Definitely check out the video, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around to get others hip to the Austin R&B movement.


Rising Sounds :: Mélat’s ‘No Bad News’ Video Hits The Internet

Mélat, the Austin-based self-proclaimed ‘eccentric soul of R&B’, has recently released a stunning music video for No Bad News, the final track from her latest album MéVen.  The song is a beautifully presented inspirational statement on chasing your dreams regardless of obstacles, and the video compliments this sentiment brilliantly.  Mélat is continuously shown as a strong, centering force throughout the video, and the literal demons used to represent the evils and shortcomings of the world contrast her brightness perfectly.  The track, produced by The SevenTH, gives me Portishead feels in the best ways.  Being introduced to her music last night at the live version of The Hot Conversation was a pleasant surprise, and I look forward to seeing her continue to excel in Austin music scene and beyond.