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More Doom :: George VonDoom Talks ‘Power’

Austin has a vast and diverse cross section of MCs.  Some spit bars about money, some drop knowledge, and some are abstract.  Some, such as George VonDoom, find ways to touch upon several areas, each with equal passion.  Power finds VonDoom in video form talking about the main aspect that keeps him a head above his competition.  The beat is a nice, dense, driving production that works perfectly for the forceful lyrics, and the blend of lights throughout the video give it an MK Ultra mind control vibe.  Very cool work from an artist holding it down for the Austin underground.



Hip Hop vs. Monarch Programming

Monarch programming is nothing new… it was used by the military beginning in the late 50s in order to train soldiers that can be turned from civil, average everday men to killing machines through some trigger mechanism (a song, a movie, a series of events, etc.)

The popular conspiracy theories lately peg pop culture as the latest target for Monarch techniques.  Two of the main avenues have been the Disney universe and the rap element of hip-hop culture.  I am no scholar in this subject… I still have much research left to do.  I have, however, come across many videos that one would find of interest if the believe in the idea of Monarch programming.  Here are two:

Monarch Monsters & Barbies by MKCulture


Hip Hop Butterflies (MK Ultra Monarch Programming by MsDyingbutterfly

This is a subject I will more than likely return to… there is a specific series that I would like to share with everyone, when I am lucky enough to find them again.  Until then, fight for your mind!