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Shining Spirit :: Nicolas Azlon Releases ‘Illumination’

When it comes to hip-hop music with uplifting and positive vibes, one not need look any further than the Austin-based MC and poet Nicolas Azlon. On his latest project, Illumination, his signature positive attitude is on full display, as he flexes multiple modern styles over rich and textured production in order to assert messages of affirmation and inspiration. If you’re looking for a solid way to get your week in gear, this might be the right soundtrack for you.


Positive Elevation :: Nicolas Azlon Spreads Good Vibes For ‘Skywalker’ Video

I don’t know how this slipped under my radar, but central Texas has a dynamic duo of epic proportions on their hands at the moment.  Lyrical guru and all around great guy Nicolas Azlon has joined forces with the razor sharp beatsmith Ruler Why for Skywalker, a meditation to assist others in maintaining amidst the madness set to a hypnotic, signature Ruler Why banger.  The video is raw and honest, essentially allowing Nicolas Azlon to cut through the facades separating artists from listener and instead dropping knowledge on you the way that a caring friend would.  I’m excited for all of the things that Nicolas Azlon has in store for the near future, and I will definitely be checking out his latest release, Infinite Potential, as soon as time allows.