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Wheels Down :: OMS Skateboards Drops Their First Skate Video, ‘❤️❤️❤️ Hearts & Hammers 🔨🔨🔨’

Street Spirits :: Old Man Skateboards Drops ‘JOBS? YES PLEASE!’

Jansen Newcum of Old Man Skateboards has been putting in mad work in the world of skateboarding in order to turn what became an interest into a possible profession.  As anyone knows, one of the key elements of the skate world (when it comes to making a name for yourself) is the skate part, and after nearly three years of stepping things up, OMS and crew have dropped JOBS? YES PLEASE!, a celebration of improving your skills in street spots, no matter the weather.  Newcum is joined by Josh HarnellLaurent Lemecier and Mike Cooke as they take to all of the curbs, banks, gaps and parking bumpers they can find while kicking out flatground tricks and making lines.  Definitely inspirational stuff.  Check it out, give it a like and a share, and leave a comment on what tricks you wanna see the OMS crew attempt next!



Gaining Momentum :: Old Man Skateboards (OMS) Drops ‘SINCE BIRTH’ Skate Part

Old Man Skateboards (OMS) creator Jansen Newcum has been using his passion for improving his skating skill as inspiration to better himself in other areas.  One of the areas that has been instantly noticeable is his skill as a filmer and an editor.  From innovating a one person, two board technique to becoming a legitimate filmer of other skaters, everything has been trending upwards.  Girl Skateboards recently announced a short film contest, and Jansen jumped at the opportunity.  With a little help from friends Miguel Marrufo and Chris Jones (plus a beat assist from himself), the old man at Old Man Skateboards created something to be truly proud of.  Like, share, leave a comment, and keep your eyes open for more dope content.


Smart Money :: OMS Sunglasses Hit The Streets

Old Man Skateboards is back at it again with the merch, and this time it’s in the form of sunshades.  You know how OMS does it with the DIY, and this commercial is proof of both the creativity and hilarity found within the OMS YouTube channel.  You can cop a pair for 10 bones by reaching out to oldmanskateboards@yahoo.com, or you can cop them via the Bandcamp page.


Progress Daily :: O.M.S. Takes Part In YouTube Skate Challenges

In the quest to become a better skater, Old Man Skateboards founder Jansen Newcum has been truly pushing and challenging himself.  With each new video he posts, the growth shows, and lately, it seems Jansen is on the verge of some major skill leaps.  He recently posted a pair of videos that show this growth in the form of a couple of online challenges.  He takes part in both a high ollie challenge and a game of switch vs. regular SKATE, and fairs well in both.  Stay tuned to OMS for more inspirational skating, growth, focus and dedication… these practices can be applied to most any aspect of your life (except for the skating part).


Shreddin’ Texas :: Old Man Skateboards’ Daily Skate Sessions Hit Texas

Recently, Old Man Skateboards took to the road for a return trip to Texas, his former stomping grounds.  Since the inception of Old Man Skateboards, we have since growth in terms of board confidence and skill set.  This video, maybe due to the fact that he’s home again, shows some wonderful growth.. longer manuals, boardslides, 50-50 grind attempts, and even some transition skating into bowls, hips and so on.  My man even took a couple of decent spills and got right back up.  Inspiring stuff, for real.


Chance Advancement :: OMS Daily Skate Vlog Captures A Kickflip

The Old Man Skateboards social media presence is all about dedication, application, and eventual advancements in your daily progression.  Recently, while on a drive through New Mexico, the spirit was strong enough to require a setup on the side of the highway to practice stationary kickflips.  Lo and behold, Jansen‘s first kick flip (and the impending celebration) were caught on camera for all of us to enjoy.  Skate (or do whatever you love) every day.


Forever Young :: Focus On Old Man Skateboards


Whether or not you still do it, if you ever loved skateboarding, you know that the urge to skate will almost certainly never be extinguished.  Some may let reason and logic keep them off of their boards, while some (myself included) will probably continue to skate in some shape or form until we are no longer able to walk.

The homeboy J-Kid, out of Dallas, falls into the latter category as well.  After being inspired by Braille Skateboarding, and Lance‘s journey to improve as a skater long after being out of his teenage years, Old Man Skateboards was born.  This movement is meant to be a source of inspiration for anyone who thinks it’s too late to jump back in (or even start in) the world of skateboarding.  Give the socials a follow, and join on in the journey!