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Moving Melodies :: Andres Creates ‘Cheers To Us.’ Suite


andrés (who also composes/produces under the name Unusuals) has always been one of the more ambitious creators around the central Texas area, in my eyes, and his creative range never ceases to amaze me.  I shouldn’t be surprised, however, as he and I share a number of similar favorite artists and influences.  For his recent four song collection, “cheers to us.”, andrés seemingly channeled the influences of lo-fi singer/songwriters in the vein of Elliot Smith or Daniel Johnston, the latter of whom he covered via you hurt me.  I’ve definitely been a fan of his excursions into the acoustic realm, and this collection definitely represents some of his strongest work.  Check out the songs, share them around for others to do the same, and donate a buck or two if you can, as that always helps creators out.