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Punch Funk :: Kay Odyssey Swing Big With ‘Knockout’

Pecan Crazy Records has always been known as a haven for avant-garde artists in the central Texas area, but with Kay Odyssey‘s latest release, the label arguably has a hit on their hands.  The group perfectly describes their sound as one that ‘combines mesmerizing gorgeous vocals with a tough ass garage rock quartet sound–sometimes leaning raucous punk, other times beautiful and etherial, but always sincere, unique and eloquent’.  For my money’s worth, this is the kind of group I’d like to see open up for a band like Sleater-Kinney.  If this sounds up your alley, don’t hesitate… check it out, share it around, and throw the band a few bucks if you can afford to support!


Modern Living :: Attic Ted And Jeffrey Garcia Collaborate For ‘Down On The Farm’ Music Video

When Attic Ted and Jeffrey Garcia collaborate, wonderful things happen.  Way back in 1919, How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm was penned, and nearly a century later, it is still relevant, so leave it to Attic Ted to include his version on his latest release, Parade Dust Mischief.  Enter Jeffrey Garcia, who is known for his uncanny ability to put memorable visuals to great music, and he does not disappoint for this endeavor.  Sprinkle in some familiar faces and we’ve got another wonderful piece of Texas art to be proud of.  Give it a like, give it a share, and support independent music!