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Traveling Man :: Curbside Jones Reveals ‘Another Sip’ Project


Curbside Jones on the details of his latest project, Another Sip

‘(This is) an audio representation of my trip to Japan during August 2018.  Another Sip is accompanied by a 100 page photo book (physical and digital).  Each track and picture embody the feelings I felt while traveling through Japan.  I packaged it this way to give those who want to purchase this project a full experience. I shot and edited each picture and designed the book.’






Creative Vision :: Deleigh Hermes In Focus At #GirlCrew Collective’s ‘Women Crush Wednesday’

As long as I’ve known Deleigh Hermes, I’ve known her to have a camera in hand and a smile on her face.  She has a natural curiosity about and attraction to the world around her, and many years with a camera has allowed her to cultivate the skills to capture what she sees and present it in her stunning photography.  #girlcrew collective recently sat down to talk with her about her work and her approach, and it may inspire you to chase your dreams when you take a look.


Spotlight on Photography : Jessica Higgins

Beautiful spirit.

Ear for blues.

Eye for beauty.


Here is a video for Electric Mayhem, composed from photos from Jessica and music from Compound Abstract.  Ignore the promotional aspect of this particular audio-visual.