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Big Talk :: Jeffrey Garcia Talks ‘Radio Candy’ On The Atomic Radio Hour

I love seeing my man Jeffrey Garcia doing big things, because his vision is unmatched, and his motivation to create these visions is unflappable.  Recently, he dropped by the Atomic Radio Hour to speak on Radio Candy, his other films, and the other things that influence his creative process.  Over the course of the hour-plus long chat, we get some insight into both the host and the filmmaker, so definitely give it a listen, a share and a comment!



Leveling Up :: Jeffrey Garcia Readies ‘Radio Candy’ For Release

After a successful crowdfunding venture and many weeks in production, Jeffrey Garcia is almost ready to release his latest creation, and Radio Candy looks like a doozey for real.  With Justin Conway (of Conwaythewhale), Nix Nova, and a host of Garcia regulars in tow, and what looks to be a reinvigorated and bolder approach to his already irreverently brilliant visions, Radio Candy looks to be a definitive point in both 2018’s creative output and Garcia‘s long term career.