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Lonely Crowd :: BluMoon Releases ‘Depressed Again’ Video

There is something ingrained in the creative spirit that makes it difficult for us to connect on any level other than deeply.  As a result, despite some of us being thrust into the public sphere, there is a loneliness that hangs around and influences mood and emotions.  With the help of director Bita Ghassemi, BluMoon is able to visually capture that feeling with their music video for Depressed Again, one of the many incredible songs on their latest release Slow Burn.  Check out the video, give it a like and a share, and leave a comment to show your support!


BluMoon Rising :: ‘Slow Burn’ By BluMoon Now Available


There are times when referring to a band as ‘local’ feels slightly like undermining their quality and potential, and in the case of BluMoon, I often feel that way.  True, the band is based out of San Marcos, but if you throw their music in the mix with any current pop/soul/R&B/jazz band, you’d be hard pressed to point them out and peg them as simply a ‘local’ band.  Case in point?  Slow Burn, their latest release, sounds like a million bucks, with its dynamic range of sounds and energy that it encompasses musically, courtesy of Taylor LouisAndrew Harkey and Isaac Pulido.  Add to this the fact that vocalist Kendra Sells effortlessly balances deeply introspective and thought-provoking lyrics with lyrics that shine a spotlight on injustice and the ever-changing highs and lows of human interaction, and you’ve got a project that puts an early flag in the ground as a key 2019 release.  You can find this one most anywhere you find your music, so do yourself a favor and get hip, quick.