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Invasion Force :: Sunni Soper Talks ‘Castle Walls’ On Write About Now

While at the 2017 Texas Grand Slam Cypher in Bryan, Texas, poet Sunni Soper took a moment to perform one of her pieces, the extremely moving and revealing Castle Walls, for Write About Now‘s YouTube channel.  In all honesty, however, it feels more like a confession via the digital realm… a sit-down between us viewers and Sunni Soper as she reveals, retracts, respects, retracts, and all in a beautifully rhythmic poetic cycle.  Her forceful voice, her commanding presence, her honest nature… all of it is conveyed in a powerful three minutes.  Much respect.  You know the drill.. like it, share it, leave a comment to verify the all around badassery.



Did You Regret It? :: For Every Action…

This was in response to a previous poet’s gratuitous use of the n-word.

Shout outs to DOC, Sunni Soper and Austin Poetry Slam (Tuesday nights at Spiderhouse Ballroom).


Myriad Thoughts :: Sunni Soper’s ‘For Public Consumption’ Now Available

Austin live music supporter and poetic mainstay Sunni Soper has been deeply involved in several positive projects, including Austin Mic Exchange.  With many years of performance under her belt, and the help of Trent Spears, the long awaited For Public Consumption has arrived.  Check it out, share it, and show some support for someone with lots of promise and drive.