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Known Rights :: Moodie Black Drops ‘Sway’ Single


Morgan from OVRLD will tell you… on one of Moodie Black‘s last trips into town, they were playing new tunes.  When they dropped Sway, us fans and the new listeners got H Y P E.  With the specter of the Lucas Acid album release on the horizon, I am happy that Sway is the pre-release single, and even more happy that K is getting to voice the experience of efforts to bring trans-awareness to the table.   This song could shape up to be both the jam and a possible benchmark moment all in one.


More Fire :: Spit Gemz Brings ‘Godly Features’

Spit Gemz  is a beast with the bars.  Ill on a level that most MCs have forgotten about these days.  Dig the new album Godly Features, and as a bonus, watch him get down with Sway, Headkrak and Michael Rappaport recently on Sway’s Universe.