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Home Bass :: Tåsi And BLakchyl Connect For ‘East 10th’


Producer/MC Tåsi and super-lyricist BLakchyl were both raised in the streets of East Austin, a formerly notorious part of town that has found itself in a transition phase in the face of gentrification.  Despite these changes, it seems the duo has taken the adage of ‘no matter how far you go, never forget where you came from’ to heart, as their recent collaborative effort, East 10th, was recorded on the same street that BLakchyl was raised on (and still has family residing on).  The songs focus on personal journeys and the ever-changing face of the East Side, while Tåsi‘s production mirrors the changes with a range of sonic moods.  Rounded out with guest appearances by ChiClopzClare and French wordsmith Cerbère, the project is short and bittersweet, leaving you longing for more (similar to how us native Austinites yearn for things to be more like they used to be in our evolving town).  Cop yourself a physical or digital copy of this one, or just stream it and share it so that others can feel the vibes.


Moving Pictures :: Tåsi Releases Music Video For ‘Reflect’

I recently stumbled across the music video for Reflect, the latest single by Tåsi, and was struck by the artistic quality of the images, and how perfectly they matched the well crafted song by Tåsi and his producer Malekhino.  The entire affair has a cinematic quality to it, like a Bergman or Altman film with a camera that resembles a spirit moving.  The feel matches what Tåsi speaks about in terms of introspection, taking personal inventory, and as the title states, reflection on your journey.  Definitely a gem worth spreading around… and be sure to leave a like and a comment when you do share it.


Direct Action :: Tasi’s ‘Cleanse’ Is A Minimalist Masterpiece

In a world that seems to have a pattern of becoming smitten with excess (in all forms, be it material or symbolic), it’s nice to see that there are artists who approach their expression with a bare bones aesthetic.  Artists like Tasi seem to approach the rhymes with a wisdom beyond their years, and the delivery of each line has an implied goal of permanent impression upon the memory.  Cleanse is a meditation on focus and mastery, and with a little help from Brown v. Board (one of the doper rap names I’ve seen in a minute), this video gives you proper guidance for ascension.  Definitely worth your time, your likes and your shares.