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Kickstart My Art :: (Beat)en Senseless Gets Attention

from the Kickstarter page of (Beat)en Senless, by Bianca Sauceda : 

Austin’s underground electronic culture stands apart from the rest of the world. Diversity and imagination is the scene’s life-line. Each local artist possesses an original sound and a unique overall approach to music production. They consistently express a sincere appreciation for each other’s work which results in a creative and uncontaminated musical experience for all who listen. There really is a story to be told in the collaboration and perpetual support that is shared with everyone involved.

We want the world to listen.

The film will focus on three local emerging crews: Exploded Drawing, Applied Pressure, and LNS. We will dive into the personal lives of three particular artists: Butcher Bear, Boombaptist, and Lo-Phi. The film will provide viewers with a heartfelt perspective into the fascinating worlds of these artists and explain why they call Austin home. Through the documentation of live performances, personal interviews, and compelling acts of musical creation, we plan to share the spirit of camaraderie that ignites their sound.

All money obtained through this Kickstarter will go toward equipment, fulfilling backer rewards, and promotion. Everyone involved in the production of (Beat)en Senseless works strictly on a volunteer basis. Because the sole purpose of the film is to provide exposure to the growing movement, the artists and filmmakers have agreed to receive no compensation for their time and efforts. We believe that this approach to filmmaking will result in a finished product that is fueled by genuine passion and unrestrained creativity.

Our goal is to begin production by SXSW but we can’t do this without donations. If you believe in the spirit of the underground, please donate whatever you can and share this project with others.

Help us make this film a reality.

We truly believe that the world needs to know about these remarkable artists and the virtually unknown scene that incessantly ignites their music. ”

KUT 90.5 recently covered the growth of the Austin beat scene and the making of this documentary:

 If you are able, please donate to this cause… very rarely do people recognize a movement for what it is, and try to document it for all time.  Let’s make this dream a reality.