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Maintain The Rock :: Anthony Maintain Keeps Feeding You

My favorite Bruin fan, Anthony Maintain, has been hella busy in the studio lately.  After sneak previewing the world to The Elephant Race before it was picked up by iNSECT Records, he has steadily worked on and released high quality music, both old and new.

Shortly after The Elephant Race was pulled in order to prepare for its official release (and its companion piece full of remixes by myself and other Exploded Drawing alumni), Maintain released The Elephant Runtsa collection of work that didn’t quite make the cut for the LP, but are still worth a listen.

Recently, Maintain just returned off of a winter tour back to his hometown of Boston.  In preparation for the tour, he put together an exclusive compilation of old work, new work, and guest appearances.  This comp features appearances by Onry Ozborn, Homeroom, Click-Clack and myself, and many more.  Dig it and dig it good…

Stay tuned… there will be much more coming from his direction in the near future.