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Beautiful Music :: Those Nights Release ‘Fine Line’


Some bands defy convention and the ability to be labelled, and the San Marcos-based band Those Nights is a shining example of this.  The band wavers between folk, soul, R&B, pop, rock, jazz and even hip-hop influences, and their songs always have a sense of urgency and purpose to them.  Their latest offering, Fine Line, is another strong collection of songs, and one that could potentially thrust the group into a higher level of recognition.  Definitely grab this one off of their website or stream it via your favorite service, as this is good music transcendent of any local tag you can hang on it.



Expose The Arts :: a collaborative exhibition of emerging talent

This competition will be part art exhibition, part music showcase.  The talent list is vast…

Whistle & Fish : The Penny Dreadfuls : David Moss : Elephant Face : Halaska : Thieves and Veils : The Victory March : Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice : Those Nights : Antiques 

The night will also feature a headlining performance by Roger Sellers, and if you haven’t seen Roger perform, you’re missing out on a true original musician and performance.

Please come support local music and art, and special thanks to Tantra Coffeehouse, Sodatooth Contemporary, Greyskull Productions and The State Of Shapes.