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Pure Visions :: Yawny Yelly Glowy Floaty Reemerge With ‘It’s A Good World’ Single

After a dual run of change (a change in location and a change in band name), the power couple and dynamic duo of Texas trip hop that is yawny yelly glowy floaty is throwing their hat back in the creative ring.  Their latest release, the single It’s A Good World, is an esoteric journey into the joy that is being alive and being connected to what you love, whether that is something, someone, or a combination of the two.  Check out the song if you’re needing a reaffirmation that things will be ok, despite reality trying its best to prove otherwise.



Alone Together :: Voodoo Boogaloo Teases New Music With ‘We’re Alone Now’ Acoustic Video

Recently, Voodoo Boogaloo decided to take a societal detox, purchasing a ranch and taking a go at being self-sustainable while simultaneously exploring and expanding their sound.  Apparently, these efforts have been fruitful, as the duo decided to tease the masses with a beautiful acoustic rendition of one of their upcoming songs, We’re Alone Now.  The song is an expression of their efforts to not only bolster their personal connection together, but also bolster their respective connection to their audience and supporters, as both of these synergistic relationships are infinitely important.  Logan and Stephanie have not only promised that their more traditional, psychedelic approach to production will hit this song soon, but that they already have others ready to share in the near future.  I’m certainly looking forward to seeing these two perform again, and I am anxiously waiting the release of a new project.  In the meantime, check out this video, give it a like, leave a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!


Stage Life :: Voodoo Boogaloo And Stevens High School Theater Combine Forces For ‘The Portal’

San Antonio-based psychadelic duo Voodoo Boogaloo are definitely anything but traditional or run of the mill.  Their spacious, infectious music is only matched by their magnetic and loving personalities, leading to their circle of creative friends being vast and diverse.  For one of their more well-known songs, The Portal, the Stevens High School Theater company went above and beyond to provide them with a video… the group created an entire performance piece, including costuming and lighting, that perfectly encompasses the otherworldly, spiritual and mysterious nature of Voodoo Boogaloo.  This is definitely the type of music video that makes me jealous with how proud I am of the final product.  Most certainly worthy of your shares, likes and comments.