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Soulful Takes :: YUMA Presents Live Video For ‘Ozy’

When it comes to shooting live videos, it’s hard not to fall into the vast trap of relying on tropes : biggest stage and venue possible, screaming fans, slow motion, black & white intercut with color, and so on.  It’s refreshing to see bands like YUMA collaborate with visual artists such as Corey Kline in attempts to stretch the boundaries of what defines conventional presentations.  For example, their live video for Ozy consists of the band located in a warehouse somewhere in East Austin.  A variety of lamps and film lights are used to illuminate them, and the audio was captured live.  The camera floats through the situation, capturing every member of the band working together and vibing in their respective spaces.  A video like this should certainly bring them attention in anticipation for the release of their upcoming EP later this year.