Soul On Visuals :: “Continue” by Notes Floats

There are a small handful of people that I would call true influences… people that I got to see in the flesh as a young man with aspirations of being a hip-hop musician.  People who were local to Austin like myself, and already doing things on a scale even greater than I could initially imagine.

One of those artist was Notes Floats.  He went by Grapefruit when I first met him, and he was a standout from a crew known as the Cool Out Kids.  He was one of the first artists I knew who I had on vinyl, a treasure for a young DJ like myself.  He was a producer as well as MC, and his beats fell somewhere between De La and Digable Planets.

Notes is still doing his thing now more than ever.  He recently released a video for his Continue, and it perfectly captures his essence.  Get hip to Notesbecause he’s been hip for a while.



One response to “Soul On Visuals :: “Continue” by Notes Floats

  1. Peace and thanks Chief! 🙂

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