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Humble Bragging :: Notes Keeps The Heat Coming With ‘TRIPLE DANG SNAP’


Notes Floats is at it again, and all of us old-school Austin hip-hop heads can get properly hype about it.  FULL STEAM AHEAD is apparently in the works, and if TRIPLE DANG SNAP is any indication of what’s in store, it’s going to be another win for Notes, the losing champion.  Notes does what he does best on this one, spitting humble brags and dropping properly dope references over a Gorilla Monk beat.  This one is catchy as hell, hitting all the right tones and attitudes to keep the gears turning and your head nodding.  Dig this one and dig it good, share it around, and leave a comment.



Soul On Visuals :: “Continue” by Notes Floats

There are a small handful of people that I would call true influences… people that I got to see in the flesh as a young man with aspirations of being a hip-hop musician.  People who were local to Austin like myself, and already doing things on a scale even greater than I could initially imagine.

One of those artist was Notes Floats.  He went by Grapefruit when I first met him, and he was a standout from a crew known as the Cool Out Kids.  He was one of the first artists I knew who I had on vinyl, a treasure for a young DJ like myself.  He was a producer as well as MC, and his beats fell somewhere between De La and Digable Planets.

Notes is still doing his thing now more than ever.  He recently released a video for his Continue, and it perfectly captures his essence.  Get hip to Notesbecause he’s been hip for a while.


FRESH is the Word

featuring Problem Child w/ Alesia Lani : Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice : DJ Notion + Homeroom + Notes : OT23

Tonight… be there if you know what’s good for you…