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Master Crafting :: Bern Ichus Goes Public With The Beats On ‘Yasuaki’


As 2017 came to a close, Austin-based MC Bern Ichus (one half of Homeroom) made it clear that he was a man obsessed, and had plans for expanding his repertoire.  Already forever hungry for beats to feed his rhyme-writing output, Bern invested in an MPC and immediately went to work.  In a relatively short time, he seems to be getting comfortable with his tools, and after roughly a month he is going public with beats.  The first, Yasuaki, is incredibly textured and mood driven for an early composition, as if it did not need lyrics to exist and would be fine as an instrumental piece.  I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Bern Ichus as he becomes a more confident and skilled producer, because I know for certain that his love for hip-hop will shine through, regardless of what he does.

Mental Imagery :: HOMEROOM And Friends Connect For ‘Mind Masters’


For anyone under the impression that HOMEROOM may be on an indefinite hiatus, those thoughts have been struck down with the release of mind masters, one banger of a surprise single.  Heir Max and Jayoin jump on the track to make the lyrical onslaught double the potency, and John Tunstle comes through with another wonderfully produced beat for all of the chaos to collide on.  If this is an indication of an upcoming HOMEROOM album, I’ll be right here, ready and waiting to listen.


Knowledge As Power :: ‘Education’ From Homeroom


New track from the homies Homeroom.  Some good old boom bap rap for all the heads that don’t understand how gaining knowledge can better you, which betters the world around you.  Props to NonPlus on the guest verse.  Dig it, share it, cop it.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly :: Homeroom’s “PANACEA”

“PANACEA” by Homeroom

IN A WORD OR TWO :: golden-era, raw, clever, witty


THE GOOD :: As always, the production is DOPE.  This is a great follow-up to “self-titled”… it’s longer, the ideas are executed stronger, and the beats bang just a bit harder.  Tunstle and Bern Ichus have always had a great “two sides of the coin” approach, in the sense that they sound great on wax together despite the fact they sound nothing alike.  This album is full of bangers front to back : “Patience”, “Vibe Change”, “wayback”, “homecookin'”… there really isn’t a boring track on this album.  Great for fans of that 1994-1995 shit… Black Moon, Smif N’ Wessun and so on.

THE BAD :: There are a couple of slight production (in the engineering sense) missteps.  They are slight, but spots like the gap of silence behind “W.P.E.” break the momentum at the golden moment.  A minor mistake, and a minor complaint.

THE UGLY :: This album is not for people who are sensitive or easily offended.  Tunstle, Bern, and their guests talk more shit than a little bit.  It’s all funny, but if you don’t share that sense of humor, your feeling may easily be hurt.

THE FINAL WORD :: This is a great first step to the year.  It sets the bar nice and high for Homeroom’s 2013 expectations, and provides no reason to believe they won’t take advantage of their moment.  Look forward to more goodness from these cats.


Homeroom and Electric Mayhem :: Cameo Jokes, and then some…

Thursday, February second was hella dope in San Marcos… here’s why:

While there is currently no way to travel back in time and relive the dopeness, YouTube allows us to share some of the captured moments.  Here is a pair of selections from the Homeroom set, including the on-stage world premier of the smash hit Cameo Jokes




Guest Spot Action :: “Cameo Jokes” by Homeroom

“Don’t hide that you’re mad that your records won’t sell : It’s pretty obvious why your lymph-nodes swell…”

“I saw ’em in the back of the room taking notes : and then I hit ’em with cameo jokes…”

“Pocket aces, more than two faces : casual acquaintance on a first name basis with the : Yin and yang, the one man gang : hungry like the wolf working with a new fang…”



FRESH is the Word

featuring Problem Child w/ Alesia Lani : Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice : DJ Notion + Homeroom + Notes : OT23

Tonight… be there if you know what’s good for you…