The Good, The Bad, The Ugly :: Homeroom’s “PANACEA”

“PANACEA” by Homeroom

IN A WORD OR TWO :: golden-era, raw, clever, witty


THE GOOD :: As always, the production is DOPE.  This is a great follow-up to “self-titled”… it’s longer, the ideas are executed stronger, and the beats bang just a bit harder.  Tunstle and Bern Ichus have always had a great “two sides of the coin” approach, in the sense that they sound great on wax together despite the fact they sound nothing alike.  This album is full of bangers front to back : “Patience”, “Vibe Change”, “wayback”, “homecookin'”… there really isn’t a boring track on this album.  Great for fans of that 1994-1995 shit… Black Moon, Smif N’ Wessun and so on.

THE BAD :: There are a couple of slight production (in the engineering sense) missteps.  They are slight, but spots like the gap of silence behind “W.P.E.” break the momentum at the golden moment.  A minor mistake, and a minor complaint.

THE UGLY :: This album is not for people who are sensitive or easily offended.  Tunstle, Bern, and their guests talk more shit than a little bit.  It’s all funny, but if you don’t share that sense of humor, your feeling may easily be hurt.

THE FINAL WORD :: This is a great first step to the year.  It sets the bar nice and high for Homeroom’s 2013 expectations, and provides no reason to believe they won’t take advantage of their moment.  Look forward to more goodness from these cats.



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