Ballistic BoomBap :: MAD-1-ONE Presents ‘Bombz (Funeral Muzik)’ Video

San Antonio-based hip-hop artist MAD-1-ONE is back at it again.  In preparation for the July 6 release of his upcoming album Ghost of the Record StoreMAD-1-ONE connected with fellow hip-hop artist Mr. Composition, enlisting his visual skills to create a video for the first single.  Bombz (Funeral Muzik) serves as half calling card, half stern warning to anyone foolish enough to not recognize or respect what MAD-1-ONE is bringing to the table : knowledge of self, knowledge of culture, years of experience, and razor sharp bars that inspire just as much as they entertain.  The video features MAD-1-ONE and crew wandering the block, rocking in the record store, and raising spirits in the cemetery, all of which fit into the larger scope that MAD-1-ONE seems to be presenting with Ghost of the Record Store.  If the first single is any indication of what the full length holds in store, I think it’s safe to say San Antonio will have a project they can be proud of in 2018.



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