Idiot Boxing :: Virgil Wolfe And Strcolctr Serve Up ‘Unlimited TV Dinners’


The influence that television has had on the last few generations is undeniable.  It has shaped our cultural context and standard frame of reference in ways that we may never return from, which isn’t inherently a bad thing.  Take, for example, the collective efforts of MC Virgil Wolfe and producer Strcolctr.  The duo recently took their love of TV from their childhood, took a direct look at how it has effected them emotional and rationally, and have poured those thoughts into the short but powerful Unlimited TV Dinners, with whip-smart ruminations on ideas like investing your time in meaningless ventures, cultural identity and more.  Don’t let the lighthearted veneer fool you, there’s some heavy lifting being done on this project.  If Unlimited TV Dinners Deluxe dropped at some point in the future, I wouldn’t be mad at that one bit.



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