Looking Back :: Unusuals Reflects On Two Year Old Self-Titled Debut


From the digital desk of Unusuals :

‘This album celebrates its 2-years since its release date this upcoming August.

I wrote a majority of this album while going through some crazy times, & went back to rewrite it after my appendix surgery.

I feel y’all should check it out, I may be on a current hiatus from seriously listening to music & making music, but this album is something I hope one day people will understand its concept.

It was inspired by dark times & the study of the lust for human interaction.’

I wasn’t hip to this when he first dropped it, but Unusuals is definitely a completely different animal from If You’re Waiting Till We’re Dead, Don’t Bother Listening.  This project plays more like a Trent Reznor album than a hip-hop album, with deep sonic textures to match the deep emotional tones hit.  This album is definitely worth taking some time with.



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