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Looking Back :: Unusuals Reflects On Two Year Old Self-Titled Debut


From the digital desk of Unusuals :

‘This album celebrates its 2-years since its release date this upcoming August.

I wrote a majority of this album while going through some crazy times, & went back to rewrite it after my appendix surgery.

I feel y’all should check it out, I may be on a current hiatus from seriously listening to music & making music, but this album is something I hope one day people will understand its concept.

It was inspired by dark times & the study of the lust for human interaction.’

I wasn’t hip to this when he first dropped it, but Unusuals is definitely a completely different animal from If You’re Waiting Till We’re Dead, Don’t Bother Listening.  This project plays more like a Trent Reznor album than a hip-hop album, with deep sonic textures to match the deep emotional tones hit.  This album is definitely worth taking some time with.



Credit’s Due :: Unusuals Get Deep With ‘If You’re Waiting Till We’re Dead, Don’t Bother Listening’


Central Texas has always had a vibrant hip-hop scene, but over the years, an equally strong and diverse beat scene has developed.  There are lots of different folks with lots of different styles, many of which appeal to me, but when Unusuals handed me a CD recently of If You’re Waiting Till We’re Dead, Don’t Bother Listening, I was not prepared for how blown away I would be.  This is a seriously solid project, and already a strong contender for my local album of the year.  I suggest you don’t sleep on this one.