Vibey Season :: BORn.88 Drops ‘Late Bloomer’


When the homie Click-Clack throws out a recommendation, I listen.  Austin has such a deep well of talented creators, and it’s hard to keep track of all of them, so you’ve gotta use the names you trust as a gateway source for more quality material.  With one listen of BORn.88‘s understated banger Late Bloomer, it’s easy to see why Click-Clack sings his praises.  BORn.88 uses familiar sounds for his production, but the way he lets his tracks breathe is very refreshing.  It also provides the perfect foundation for reflective lyrics infused with just the right amount of auto-tune to sound more like an instrument than a performer looking for clout via his on-record performance.  This one is definitely going into the personal rotation, and some of these tracks may find their way into my future mixes.  Check this one out for certain, give your favorite track a like, drop some comments, and be sure to share it around so that everyone can benefit from these good tunes.



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