Blown Away :: More Eaze Debuts Unreleased Project ‘#1 Fan’


The way that some experience the world is so unique that those confined to the standard experience may never fully comprehend the difference.  It seems that Austin-based producer more eaze, for example, is one of those kind of people that hears music outside of the realm of instruments.  Be it the sounds of nature, the sounds of machinery, the sounds of humans inhabiting space, or in the case of #1 Fan, the sound of multiple portable fans arranged into a composition, more eaze is able to arrange his experience into recordings that can open up our minds to new ways of perceiving our surroundings.  This particular recording, due to its avant-garde nature, ended up being shelved for six years before more eaze finally decided to give it a run in the public sphere.  If you’re in to ASMR or the experimental, this one is oddly soothing, even when the machinery gets dissonant at times.



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