Collective Efforts :: StereoFiend Releases ‘Concerns & Doubts’ EP


The work ethic of Grid Squid Entertainment is extremely admirable, as the group has continued over the years to grow as a team, as solo artists, and even in small collective pockets between themselves or with the involvement of those outside the core.  The latter designation is where StereoFiend lands, which features Grid Squid members SymmaTree and Joy, with the live backing of bassist Mike Deosdade, guitarist Tristan Bulgrin, drummer Mike Lenoir and keyboardist Joshua D. McGoldrick.  The group has been making noise in the central Texas area for the past half a decade or so, and after the 2016 release of Urge & Grit and the subsequent years of live shows, the growth in all aspects resonates perfectly with Concerns & Doubts.  SymmaTree‘s signature flow and voice sit deeply in the pocket, Joy‘s confidence as a vocalist continues to grow, and the musicians are given room to express their talent.  Take a dive into this project and get to know the group better, donate if you can, and share this one around with your friends.



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