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Swan Song :: StereoFiend Signs Off With ‘Hennessey’ Single

Recently, StereoFiend lead MC SymmaTree took a break from his daily meme onslaught to drop some sad news : the San Antonio-based band has officially ended their long run with the release of their final single, Hennessey.  With so much talent in the group, it’s a shame that things have come to an end, but Hennessey is definitely a high note to go out on… Joy is not only singing with the kind of soul that comes with personal experience, but her lyrical imagery is a rich as the grooves that the band is laying down.  Definitely cop this track if you have a buck to support, share it around, and help keep the name of StereoFiend alive past the band’s selected end date.



Collective Efforts :: StereoFiend Releases ‘Concerns & Doubts’ EP


The work ethic of Grid Squid Entertainment is extremely admirable, as the group has continued over the years to grow as a team, as solo artists, and even in small collective pockets between themselves or with the involvement of those outside the core.  The latter designation is where StereoFiend lands, which features Grid Squid members SymmaTree and Joy, with the live backing of bassist Mike Deosdade, guitarist Tristan Bulgrin, drummer Mike Lenoir and keyboardist Joshua D. McGoldrick.  The group has been making noise in the central Texas area for the past half a decade or so, and after the 2016 release of Urge & Grit and the subsequent years of live shows, the growth in all aspects resonates perfectly with Concerns & Doubts.  SymmaTree‘s signature flow and voice sit deeply in the pocket, Joy‘s confidence as a vocalist continues to grow, and the musicians are given room to express their talent.  Take a dive into this project and get to know the group better, donate if you can, and share this one around with your friends.


Flame Throwers :: SymmaTree And Rupert The Duke Connect For ‘Strike The Match’


SymmaTree is the embodiment of the hard work it takes to grow as an artist.  Not only is he constantly writing and looking for opportunities to work with others, the time he spends traveling to play shows affords him the chance to expand his circle of collaborators.  During an Amarillo stop, SymmaTree had the pleasure of meeting Rupert the Duke, and a spark (pun intended) was created that led to the eventual creation of Strike the Match, an EP focusing on the passion and drive it takes to better yourself, your creations and your position in life.  The production matches the intensity of SymmaTree‘s instantly recognizable voice, and guest appearances from AK1Joy and CA the Commoner provide the right balance of vocal variety.  Hopefully, the duo can follow up one day with a full length, but until then, be sure to share this one around, and cop it if you have a few bucks.


New Growth :: Joy Releases ‘Tainted Love’


The best thing about any good crew is the ability to not feel rushed in whatever your solo process may be.  Any crew worth their weight stays active and productive, so you never get rusty on the songwriting or the performing.  This allows you to really find your way as a solo performer, and it makes it that much more impressive when your solo work is released.  Joy of Grid Squid Entertainment would be the most recent example of this process bringing forth good things.  I recently saw her perform her debut single, Tainted Love, live at Martian Arts & Music Festival, and I must say that it definitely stood out.  The official single is now out, and hopefully a full length will not be far behind.  Keep  you ears and eyes open for that, and give Tainted Love a listen and a share.