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Flame Throwers :: SymmaTree And Rupert The Duke Connect For ‘Strike The Match’


SymmaTree is the embodiment of the hard work it takes to grow as an artist.  Not only is he constantly writing and looking for opportunities to work with others, the time he spends traveling to play shows affords him the chance to expand his circle of collaborators.  During an Amarillo stop, SymmaTree had the pleasure of meeting Rupert the Duke, and a spark (pun intended) was created that led to the eventual creation of Strike the Match, an EP focusing on the passion and drive it takes to better yourself, your creations and your position in life.  The production matches the intensity of SymmaTree‘s instantly recognizable voice, and guest appearances from AK1Joy and CA the Commoner provide the right balance of vocal variety.  Hopefully, the duo can follow up one day with a full length, but until then, be sure to share this one around, and cop it if you have a few bucks.



Legacy Shaping :: Grid Squid Visualizes ‘Facts Versus Fiction’

Everybody who performs music has dreams of reaching as many eyes and ears as possible.  The rare breed from that vast spectrum are those who make steps towards actually spreading their word.  Grid Squid Entertainment has been doing just that the past couple of years via several stints on the road.  Their latest video, Facts Versus Fiction, is a prime example of them spending time touring, exploring their sound, and exploring their dynamic as a unit (and individuals within the unit).  Throw in a nice closing verse by AK1, and you’ve got yourselves something enjoyable for sure.  Share the video around and show these cats some love.


The Announcement :: GRID SQUID

I could give you a breakdown of GRID SQUID Entertainment, or I could let them tell it to you, up close and personal.