Imitation Game :: The Vortex Presents Stream Of ‘Underground’ For Juneteenth

Several years ago, The Vortex in Austin played host to an incredibly moving piece of theatre titled Underground.  The show focuses on two former college friends connected by protest and direct action who, after quite a bit of time gowing and living their respective lives, find themselves facing their troubled past with brutal honesty.  The talent on both sides of this production is stellar : Dr. Lisa B. Thompson wrote it, the play was directed by Rudy Ramirez, and best of all (my personal opinion), stars my old high school friend Jeffrey Johnson and fellow college theater-mate Marc Pouhé.  I had the pleasure of seeing this live during its original run, and this presentation comes as close to capturing the energy of a live run as a set of cameras can.  Enjoy, donate to The Vortex or those involved if you choose, leave a like and a share if it moves you, and share it around so others can enjoy.



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