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Coping Mechanisms :: PURPLEVILLAIN X EVOLVE Release ‘MAN – MADE MESS’

I’ve been a fan, peer and friend of EVOLVE for quite a few years now, and usually I’ve been able to witness his wins, ascension in the underground rap world, and collaborations with a number of MCs.  As a friend, however, I’ve also seen the rough times, and I know that 2020 took a much heavier toll on EVOLVE outside of the normal pain it gave us.  With the help of PURPLEVILLAINEVOLVE has been able to turn his painful journey into a deeply introspective and openly moving collection of songs titled MAN – MADE MESS.  While EVOLVE is usually known for clever wordplay and in-your-face, aggressive raps, but hearing him be so open and honest really works.  If you’re familiar with EVOLVE‘s work and are looking for a different shade in the spectrum, or you’re looking for a rare glimpse into what makes him tick as an individual, then don’t sleep on MAN – MADE MESS.



Imitation Game :: The Vortex Presents Stream Of ‘Underground’ For Juneteenth

Several years ago, The Vortex in Austin played host to an incredibly moving piece of theatre titled Underground.  The show focuses on two former college friends connected by protest and direct action who, after quite a bit of time gowing and living their respective lives, find themselves facing their troubled past with brutal honesty.  The talent on both sides of this production is stellar : Dr. Lisa B. Thompson wrote it, the play was directed by Rudy Ramirez, and best of all (my personal opinion), stars my old high school friend Jeffrey Johnson and fellow college theater-mate Marc Pouhé.  I had the pleasure of seeing this live during its original run, and this presentation comes as close to capturing the energy of a live run as a set of cameras can.  Enjoy, donate to The Vortex or those involved if you choose, leave a like and a share if it moves you, and share it around so others can enjoy.


Great Radio :: Other Radio Texas Hits The Airwaves

Screenshot_1soundfounder has been hyping this up for a moment, and now that moment is finally here… after securing a digital domain, rounding up talent, and putting all of the logistical ducks in a row, soundfounder has proudly introduced the world to Other Radio Texas, an online radio channel designed to cater to underground Texas creators and those that support them.  Out of the many people in line to assist on the air, I was one of the lucky ones selected, so be sure to keep an open for mixes from my show Escapism on occasion.  Big things are in store for the radio station, so keep yourself locked in for details and updates!


Personal Revolutions :: Lisa B. Thompson’s ‘Underground’ Blows Minds At The Vortex

The Austin theater scene has received a breath of fresh air with the March/April run of Lisa B. Thompson‘s masterpiece, Underground.  The play stars Marc Pouhe’ and Jeffery Da’Shade Johnson as former college revolutionaries caught up in the respective modern day roles, but with shadows of the past threatening to determine their future paths.  The play is wonderfully directed by Rudy Ramirez, and if you get the chance, you should certainly see it.


Spotlight On Podcasts :: Death In Amber

A statement from Death In Amber:

Death in Amber is the opportunity for hidden, forgotten gems to get their due. Thanks to the internet, there is an ability to get those songs out so that people can hear them again, or for the first time.

Many musicians have spent a lot of time, money and effort recording their bands only to never have the opportunity to showcase that music to people. Bands break up, change names and members, and disappear, many times leaving a closet full of recordings that never see the light of day. Death in Amber gives it to you. Played. Captured. Preserved.