Nature Sounds :: Pleasure Venom Session 1 From Wolfshield Ranch

With so much uncertainty in the air in regards to what live performance will look like moving forward, and a temporary halt on the traditional methods, artists have been forced to be creative in order to establish some sense of normalcy.  Recently, the Austin-based punk outfit Pleasure Venom paid a visit to Wolfshied Ranch to document a 4-song power-packed set.  The set is split between the single Hive, the album cut I Can’t Find My Black Lipstick, and two previously unreleased tracks : White Lie and Fascist.  The visual style is old school in the most delightfully entertaining ways, and if you’re not paying direct attention, you’d think you were listening to studio recordings with how tight the band’s performance is.  Dig the full session or one of the individual videos, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and share it around so everyone can do the same.



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