Next Level :: Kendra Sells Spreads Her Wings With ‘All In Your Head’ EP Release

Here’s a little truth about All In Your Head straight from the Kendra Sells Bandcamp page : 

“As Kendra‘s debut foray into DIY production and solo work, All In Your Head is concerned with advocacy: how does one advocate for themselves in a world where your inner circle and daily interactions can be less than ideal, less than healing?  Who ultimately grants the time for rest, reflection, understanding, and celebration?  Across a varied and twisted landscape that tackles unease with artistry and anxiety with tenderness, Kendra‘s debut EP acknowledges the hurdles that exist when mentally and emotionally growing into self-acceptance, and topples them when their blooms finally show.”
James Cassar

“True to the title and the project’s sketchbook collage aesthetic, it’s a record that puts [Kendra] Sells more in touch with their musical impulses; keep the jazz scat singing, but replace the full band grooves with bedroom pop beats, and there’s nothing to stop her from swerving on a dime, flipping the vibe of a song at the speed of thought.  Take the singles, which pull Sells in wildly different directions–from twinkling chimes and effervescent synths on the pop gem Call Me When Ur Dead to jagged guitars on Wondering//Bad Doctorzz‘ a rocking critique of the healthcare industry that twists, turns, and gathers steam as Sells gets more and more righteously fired up.  Each track comes with at least one beat switch of its own, and the EP culminates in a multi-part title track, a survey of her unleashed imagination and captivating voice.”

I’ve always been a fan of Kendra‘s bold approach to her singing, songwriting and performing, and I feel that All In Your Head is a major step in not only capturing all of those aspects in a project, but in displaying aspects of her personality that may have not have previously shone through in her collaborative efforts with BluMoon.  Long story short, if you’re looking for something new and inspiring, hop on this project immediately via whatever your favorite streaming service or digital storefront may be, and make sure your friends do the same.



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