Double Down :: David Beck’s Tejano Weekend Drops A Pair Of New Videos

Though Austin will always be my home (and the city I claim), I have spent a significant portion of my life down the road in San Marcos.  As a town full of talented artists and musicians, it is hard to not see folks soar to success these days that I remember as young, wide-eyed hopefuls, and David Beck is no exception to that rule.  With a list of credits, accomplishments and credentials fitting for a man twice his age, David Beck is no stranger to musical diversity, but I doubt anyone saw the formation of David Beck’s Tejano Weekend coming.  That being said, like everything he does musically, the project is not only valid, top notch content for the respective genre, but it mixes shades of his many other musical loves within the overall chemistry.  Within a span of time just under a week, David Beck’s Tejano Weekend has dropped videos for For Somebody’s Sake and Put Me In Jail (which features David Lee Garza).  Check out the videos, leave likes and comments, and share them around so they blow up!



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